Our Story

A Place Where Everybody Eats

Conceptually, Boomba’s Kitchen has been around for over a decade. A close group of family and friends with a dream to provide food, joy, comfort, and a sense of service within their community. The vessel chosen to meet these needs was yet to be determined, but after careful consideration, the answer was found in the kitchen, Boomba’s Kitchen.

Inside the Kitchen, Boo & Goomba discovered solace and the exhilaration that comes from developing, creating, and serving delicious submarine-style sandwiches paired with eggrolls fried to perfection. In order to turn this dream into their reality, they needed to ensure their dishes included the finest beef, freshest chicken, and vegetables their community could offer. However, they needed to be versatile, and mobility was the only way to share their family values and recipes with as many people as possible. They wanted to make sure they could stretch to the outer edges of their community, showing up at local farmer’s markets, attending catering receptions as well as booking outdoor venues like breweries and wineries during their lunch and evening hours. Boomba’s Kitchen is the amalgamation of our knowledge and dreams.

The founding members have been learning, observing, and leading from and within the foodservice industry for decades, seeking to understand how cuisine has evolved while also being proactive about where the cuisine has yet to go. With the combined experience in managerial growth, business operations, and the foodservice industry, each member brings a unique perspective to the Kitchen, working synergistically to curate a family-friendly environment in this ever-changing landscape. Versatility is essential when examining food preferences within a group of people, our goal is to bring inclusivity and accessibility into the foreground of that dining experience by fusing together flavors, options, and choices for every individual. At Boomba’s Kitchen, we serve Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores alike, so come on, get in line cause here at BOOMBA’S EVERYBODY EATS!